Current Teams


Public, private, and homeschooled students in high school (grades 9– 12) or middle school (grades 6-8) are eligible to participate.

To be eligible to compete in the fall school-year season, a student-athlete must:

  • be enrolled in middle school (grades 6-8), or the homeschool equivalent, and be no younger than 10 and no older than 15 years of age at any time during the entire school year; OR
  • be in high school (grades 9-12), or the homeschool equivalent, and be no younger than 13 and no older than 19 years of age at any time during the entire school year; AND
  • not have a high school diploma, general education diploma (GED), or otherwise be graduated from high school.

Student-athletes who have skipped or been held back:

  • a single grade are placed into categories according to their grade levels; OR
  • more than one grade must consult with the League director regarding placement into the appropriate categories.

Types of Teams

All teams must register with the League. Doing so provides insurance coverage for all coaches and volunteers, as well as supporting League programs.

In order to register a new team, the team’s Head Coach or Team Director should contact Renee Griswold, League Director, at

School-Based Teams:  Teams of full-time students from the same high school & that school’s feeder middle schools, public or private.  Teams may be within the athletic department as a lettering sport, a club sport or otherwise affiliated with the school.  Students must be on the team for their school, if there is one, regardless of their place of residence.  

Composite Teams:  Teams of full-time students from more than one middle school or high-school within the same district or other geographic proximity. Composite Teams are intended to be temporary solutions towards building Single School-Based Teams or County-Based Home-School Teams. If a Composite Team has 5 or more students from the same school, those 5 or more students will be scored separately from the rest of that Composite Team. 

Homeschool Athletes: Homeschool students are allowed to join school-based teams, form a composite team or a regional homeschool team or simply race as an independent rider. Home-school teams are like composite teams but are for homeschool students from a given geographic region.

Virtual School Athletes: Students attending virtual schools affiliated with a nearby team participate with that team.  If the virtual school is too far from the athletes home or does not have a team, the athletes joins the Composite Team for their region.  

If none of the above options are available to a student athlete, please contact the League Director  to discuss the possibility of being an independent athlete. Participating as an Independent Athlete requires permission from the League Director,

See the League Handbook for complete details on team structures.

Find Your Team

Coaches & student athletes, find a team near you through our interactive map.  Click on your community and you will see the information about teams in your area and how to contact the Team Director and Head Coach.