Racing Apparel Policy

WI League Team Jersey Policy

The policy of the WI League is to have only team names, high school names, logos, or mascots featured on racing apparel used in WI League races. No team sponsor logos are allowed other than the apparel manufacturer will be allowed on racing apparel used in WI League races. Riders or coaches using racing apparel that violate this policy will be subject to disqualification.

What Should be on the Team Jersey

  • Team Name/Mascot
  • NICA Logo
  • WI League Logo
  • Jersey Manufacturer Logo (small)

Custom Team Jersey Options

  • Borah Teamwear and Podiumwear are both National Sponsors.
  • Borah Teamwear is also a Wisconsin League Sponsor.
  • You can use either of these 2 vendors for your team jerseys.
  • Basic T-shirts all of the same color can be used.
  • T-shirts that the team members design instead of custom made jerseys. (Same policy applies – no sponsor logos)
Correct Jersey Example

CORRECT VERSION: CAMROCK MTB TEAM. This jersey features only the team name and logo, NICA logo, WI League logo, and jersey vendor logo. It does not include any national or paid sponsors.


Please contact WI League Director Renee Griswold at with any questions.