Wisconsin NICA League Board of Directors

Thank you for your interest in helping the Wisconsin NICA League in developing its first ever Board of Directors. Whether you are here to nominate yourself or someone else, we appreciate your passion for what we do and recognizing the importance of getting the right people guiding the organization at this time.  All candidates will be reviewed and follow up questions and a possible phone or video interview will be conducted.


November 15, 2020

Nomination Period is opened

January 1, 2021

Nomination Period closes

January 1-31, 2021

Candidate review and interviews

February 1, 2021

Appointments announced


What is changing?

The Wisconsin State Cycling League is converting from what was known as a “Project League” to a full “Chapter League” under NICA’s strategic plan. Moving forward, the Wisconsin NICA League will operate as a “subordinate under NICA’s 501(c)(3) non-profit group exemption. Chapter is incorporated in its state (Bylaws compliant and submitted by NICA National) with its own E.I.N for tax, fundraising and other purposes, has a Board of Directors (w/ D&O insurance) and operates under the NICA National’s nonprofit “group exemption” status. NICA National has legal and financial responsibility for the organization. Executive Director is an employee of its own Board of Directors, as well as NICA National. NICA National files a separate 990 for the Chapter, as required by the IRS for subordinates within group exemption classification. National and Chapter 990s are filed in a grouping to the IRS on an annual basis.”

What do we want to do?

It is the aim of the Wisconsin NICA League to build a Board of Directors that will have fiduciary responsibility of the organization, will hire and evaluate the Executive Director(s), and will guide the strategic vision of the organization. We are looking to bring on 3 to 7 Board members at this time, depending on the interest and abilities of applicants received. We are under no obligation to fill all of the seats at this time.

Who is the ideal candidate?

We are not sure, but we know you are out there! We are looking in general for the following characteristics:

  1. Experience with the Wisconsin NICA League- attending a race, participating in a ride, coaching or just knowing student-athletes
  2. Passion for youth development- it is often mistaken that we are a racing organization. Never was this more shown not to be true than this year. NICA and the Wisconsin NICA League are youth organizations who use cycling as a tool for building strong minds, bodies, characters and communities.
  3. Skills and experience that match with the needs of the Wisconsin NICA League, namely:
    1. Corporate Governance (Legal, Insurance, HR, Operations)
    2. Financial Control (Accounting, Banking, Negotiation, Procurement)
    3. Diversity & Inclusion (Community, Networking, Connections)
  4. Understanding that our League is going through a transformative step and needs active leadership that can stay focused and provide consistent direction. The Board must work together and act as a team.
  5. Commitment to providing the time and attention to move forward various initiatives at once- from attending Board meetings to chairing committees in key areas (see below checklist)