Coaches Licensing & License Renewal

The Wisconsin League recognizes that our coaches are the most essential component of a successful mountain bike team and we have many resources that can help you organize a team. Please contact Renee Griswold with any questions.

The NICA Coaches Licensing Program was introduced to ensure that all Wisconsin League student-athletes have adult leaders familiar with the best coaching practices. Licensed coaches have been trained in topics that include risk management, team management, ride management, and youth sports psychology.

The Program includes Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Ride Leaders, and General Volunteer Licenses. All license holders are covered by comprehensive liability insurance provided by the League for the duration of the season. Click here for more information about the NICA Coaches License Program.

NICA Coaches’ Licensing and License Renewal opens on April 1 of each year. The online registration system requires your head coach to “invite” a student-athlete onto the team. Head Coaches who are not registered in the system should contact the Wisconsin League Director. Coaches that are not associated with teams can also contact the Wisconsin League Director to get a license. All adults riding with Wisconsin League youth must hold a current license to be insured during these sanctioned activities.

Level 1

Minimum Requirement

This is the minimum requirement for all adults riding with NICA High School Teams. This license protects volunteers with comprehensive insurance and protects our youth with background checks.

Level 2

Recommended Level

This is the recommended training level for all adults riding with NICA High School Teams in the ride support role.

Level 3

Required For Team Leaders

This level is required for all Head Coaches and Team Directors. All Wisconsin League teams are required to have a licensed Head Coach or Team Director. Grace periods apply to first year teams.