Wisconsin NICA League Board of Directors Candidate Application

Thank you for your interest in being a member of the Wisconsin NICA League Board of Directors. We appreciate your passion for what we do and recognizing the importance of getting the right people guiding the organization at this time.

All candidates must complete the application below. The application questions can be completed in writing, video, or both, but must be submitted no later than 5 p.m. CT on January 3, 2023.

The review of applications for the new Board members will take place from December 15, 2022 to January 17, 2023. All candidates will be reviewed and follow up questions and a possible phone or video interview will be conducted.

Appointments will be announced January 18, 2023, at the WI League Annual Meeting.

If you have any questions, contact Brian Ellison at brianellison@wisconsinmtb.org or (608) 692-3988.